REST API - failover-task

vcenter vcha cluster: failover-task

Initiates failover from the active vCenter node to the passive node.

For forced failover, Active node immediately initiates a failover. This may result into a data loss after failover.

For planned failover, Active node flushes all the state to the Passive node, waits for the flush to complete before causing a failover. After the failover, Passive node starts without any data loss.

A failover is allowed only in the following cases:

  1. Cluster's mode is enabled and all cluster members are present.
  2. Cluster's mode is maintenance and all cluster members are present.
. This operation was added in vSphere API 6.7.1.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/rest/vcenter/vcha/cluster?vmw-task=true&action=failover

Request Body Structure:


Request Body Parameters:

Name Type Description
bold = required
planned boolean If false, a failover is initiated immediately and may result in data loss.
If true, a failover is initated after the Active node flushes its state to Passive and there is no data loss.


HTTP Status Code: 200



Response Type:

Name Type Description
bold = required
value string


HTTP Status Code Type Description
403 unauthorized If the user has insufficient privilege to perform the operation. Operation execution requires the Global.VCServer privilege.
500 error If any other error occurs.