REST API - create

vcenter namespace management support bundle: create

Returns the location vcenter.namespace_management.support_bundle.location information for downloading the Namespaces-related support bundle for the specified cluster.

Retrieving a support bundle involves two steps:

  • Step 1: Invoke operation to provision a token and a URI.
  • Step 2: Make an HTTP GET request using URI and one time used token returned in step 1 to generate the support bundle and return it.
There can only be one valid token per cluster at any given time. If this operation is invoked again for the same cluster identifier while a token still valid, the API will return the same vcenter.namespace_management.support_bundle.location response.

The HTTP GET request will:

  • return 401 (Not Authorized) if the download URL is recognized, but the token is invalid.
  • otherwise return 200 (OK), mark the token used (invalidating it for any future use), open a application/tar download stream for the client, and start the bundle process. As part of its work, the API will orchestrate support bundling on the worker nodes of a cluster. If a failure occurs during the collection of support bundle from worker node, the API will not abort the request, but will log a warning and move on to processing other worker nodes' bundles. The API will only abort its operation if the content of the stream has been corrupted. When the API has to abort its operation (and the response stream), it will not provide any indication of failures to the client. The client will need to verify validity of the resultant file based on the format specified in the response's Content-Disposition header.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/api/vcenter/namespace-management/clusters/{cluster}/support-bundle

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
cluster string Identifier of cluster for which the Namespaces-related support bundle should be generated.


HTTP Status Code: 201

Response Body Structure:





Name Type Description
bold = required
- location the download location of the support bundle for the cluster.
-.url string Support Bundle Download URL.

-.wcp_support_bundle_token token Information about the token required in the HTTP GET request to generate the support bundle.

-.wcp_support_bundle_token.token string A one-time, short-lived token required in the HTTP header of the request to the url. This token needs to be passed in as a header with the name "wcp-support-bundle-token".

-.wcp_support_bundle_token.expiry string Expiry time of the token


HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found if the specified cluster is not registered on this vCenter server.
500 error if the system reports an error while responding to the request.
401 unauthenticated if the user can not be authenticated.
403 unauthorized if the user does not have System.Read privilege.