REST API - mount

vcenter iso image: mount

Mounts an ISO image from a content library on a virtual machine.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/rest/com/vmware/vcenter/iso/image/id:{library_item}?~action=mount

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
library_item string The identifier of the library item having the ISO image to mount on the virtual machine.

Request Body Structure:


Request Body Parameters:

Name Type Description
bold = required
vm string The identifier of the virtual machine where the specified ISO image will be mounted.


HTTP Status Code: 200



Response Type:

Name Type Description
bold = required
value string The identifier of the newly created virtual CD-ROM backed by the specified ISO image.


HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found If either vm or the library_item is not found.
400 invalid_argument If no .iso file is present on the library item.
400 not_allowed_in_current_state When the operation is not allowed on the virtual machine in its current state.
500 resource_inaccessible