REST API - update

esx settings depots umds: update

Updates the configuration of a currently configured UMDS software depot.


HTTP request

PATCH https://{server}/api/esx/settings/depots/umds

Body Parameters:

Name Type Description
bold = required
- update_spec Update specification.
-.enabled boolean Flag indicating whether or not this depot is enabled. Disabling the depot doesn't delete its cached metadata and payloads. It will not be refreshed next time depots are re-synced.

Optional. If unset, the enabled flag is not updated.

-.description string Description of the Depot.

Optional. If unset, the description is not updated.


HTTP Status Code: 204






HTTP Status Code Type Description
401 unauthenticated if the caller is not authenticated.
404 not_found If there is no UMDS depot configured.
500 error If there is some unknown internal error. The accompanying error message will give more details about the failure.
503 service_unavailable If the service is not available.