REST API - get

esx settings depots umds: get

Gets the information about a currently configured UMDS software depot.


HTTP request

GET https://{server}/api/esx/settings/depots/umds


HTTP Status Code: 200

Response Body Structure:





Name Type Description
bold = required
- info Information of the currently configured UMDS software depot.
-.description string Description of the Depot. It will be an empty string if no description was provided during create.

-.enabled boolean Flag indicating whether or not this depot is enabled.

-.location URI Location of the Depot.


HTTP Status Code Type Description
401 unauthenticated if the caller is not authenticated.
404 not_found If there is no UMDS software depot set.
503 service_unavailable If the service is not available.
500 error If there is some unknown internal error. The accompanying error message will give more details about the failure.