REST API - get

esx kms raw config: get

Return the configuration information.

Returns the key management service persistent user configuration.


HTTP request

GET https://{server}/api/esx/kms/raw-config


Query Parameters:

Name Type Description
bold = required
type string Optional. The type of that will be returned.


HTTP Status Code: 200

Response Body Structure:





Name Type Description
bold = required
- info The configuration.
-.configuration binary An opaque configuration blob that represents the entire service persistent user configuration.

This configuration blob can be provided to set in order to either restore a previous configuration, or to replicate configuration across instances in a cluster.

Optional. unset when FULL is not specified.

-.fingerprint string A configuration digest which can be used to uniquely identify the service configuration.

Two service instances can be assumed to have the same configuration if their fields match.

-.last_update_time date_time The configuration last update time.


HTTP Status Code Type Description
500 error if there is a generic error.
400 invalid_argument if the info type is invalid.
401 unauthenticated if the caller is not authenticated.
403 unauthorized if the caller is not authorized.