REST API - get

esx hcl reports: get

Returns the location esx.hcl.reports.location information for downloading a compatibility report.


HTTP request

GET https://{server}/api/esx/hcl/reports/{report}

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
report string identifier of hardware compatiblity report to be downloaded.


HTTP Status Code: 200

Response Body Structure:

        "token""secret string"




Name Type Description
bold = required
- location location structure which includes the URI to file, short lived token and expiry of the token in the esx.hcl.reports.location object.
-.url URI Compatibility report download URL.

-.report_token token Information about the token required in the HTTP GET request to download the compatibility report.

-.report_token.token secret A one-time, short-lived token required in the HTTP header of the request to the url. This token needs to be passed in as a header with the name "session-id".

-.report_token.expiry date_time Expiry time of the token


HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found if there is no report for the given id.
401 unauthenticated if the caller is not authenticated.
500 resource_inaccessible if the vCenter this API is executed on is not part of the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).
500 error If there is some unknown error. The accompanying error message will give more details about the failure.