REST API - get

esx authentication trust security token issuers: get

Get the details of a security token issuer.


HTTP request

GET https://{server}/api/esx/authentication/trust/security-token-issuers/{issuerAlias}


HTTP Status Code: 200

Response Body Structure:





Name Type Description
bold = required
- info Details of the security token issuer trust.
-.issuer string Who created and signed the security token.

A unique string used by the security token issuer and added to all tokens. It must match the issuer field in the security token.

For example:

  • vCenter SAML issuer:
  • vCenter JWT issuer:

-.signing_cert_chains x509_cert_chain[] Token signing certificate chains.

These certificate chains are used only for verifying existing tokens and not for issuing new tokens on behalf of the external security token issuer.

-.signing_cert_chains[].cert_chain string[] Certificate chain in base64 format


HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found if there is no security token issuer trust for the alias.
500 error if there is a problem accessing the stored data.
401 unauthenticated if the user can not be authenticated.