vmware.vapi.vmc package


vmware.vapi.vmc.client module

vmware.vapi.vmc.csp_filter module

CSP Refresh token based SecurityContextFilter

class vmware.vapi.vmc.csp_filter.CSPSecurityContextFilter(session, refresh_token, refresh_url)

Bases: vmware.vapi.security.client.security_context_filter.SecurityContextFilter

CSP Security Context filter in API Provider chain adds the security context based on a refresh token to the execution context passed in.

Initialize SecurityContextFilter

  • session (requests.Session) – Requests Session object to use for making HTTP calls
  • refresh_token (str) – Refresh token to use for obtaining an access token
  • refresh_url (str) – URL that allows exchanging a refresh token for an access token

Get the max number of retries

Return type:int
Returns:Number of retries

Retrieve security context. If this method is called after an error occured, then a new access token is obtained using the refresh token and a new security context is created.

Parameters:on_error (bool) – Whether this method is called after getting an error
Return type:vmware.vapi.core.SecurityContext
Returns:Security context

Returns whether the request should be retried or not based on the error specified.

Parameters:error_value (vmware.vapi.data.value.ErrorValue) – Method error
Return type:bool
Returns:Returns True if request should be retried in case the error is either Unauthenticated or Unauthorized else False