com.vmware.vcenter.deployment package


com.vmware.vcenter.deployment.install_client module

class com.vmware.vcenter.deployment.install_client.RemotePsc(config)

Bases: vmware.vapi.bindings.stub.VapiInterface

The RemotePsc class provides methods to check if the deployed vCenter Server can register with the remote PSC. This class was added in vSphere API 6.7.

Parameters:config (vmware.vapi.bindings.stub.StubConfiguration) – Configuration to be used for creating the stub.

Checks whether the remote PSC is reachable and the deployed vCenter Server can be registered with the remote PSC. This method was added in vSphere API 6.7.

Parameters:spec (com.vmware.vcenter.deployment_client.RemotePscSpec) – Information to connect to the remote PSC.
Return type:com.vmware.vcenter.deployment_client.CheckInfo
Returns:Information about the success or failure of the checks that were performed.
Raise:com.vmware.vapi.std.errors_client.Unauthenticated if the caller is not authenticated.
Raise:com.vmware.vapi.std.errors_client.Unauthenticated if external PSC credentials are not valid when configuring a VCSA_EXTERNAL appliance.
Raise:com.vmware.vapi.std.errors_client.InvalidArgument if passed arguments are invalid.
Raise:com.vmware.vapi.std.errors_client.NotAllowedInCurrentState if the appliance is not in INITIALIZED state.
class com.vmware.vcenter.deployment.install_client.StubFactory(stub_config)

Bases: vmware.vapi.bindings.stub.StubFactoryBase

Initialize StubFactoryBase

Parameters:stub_config (vmware.vapi.bindings.stub.StubConfiguration) – Stub config instance