Command Line Interface for
VMware vCloud Director




Adding extensions

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Usage: vcd login [OPTIONS] host organization user

  Login to vCloud Director

      Login to a vCloud Director service.
          vcd login org1 usr1
              Login to host ''.
          vcd login org1 usr1 -i -w
              Login to a host with self-signed SSL certificate.
          vcd login org1 usr1 --use-browser-session
              Login using active session from browser.
          vcd login session list chrome
              List active session ids from browser.
          vcd login org1 usr1 \
              --session-id ee968665bf3412d581bbc6192508eec4
              Login using active session id.
      Environment Variables
              If this environment variable is set, the command will use its value
              as the password to login and will not ask for one. The --password
              option has precedence over the environment variable.

  -p, --password <password>       Password
  -V, --version [29.0|30.0|31.0|32.0|33.0]
                                  API version
  -s, --verify-ssl-certs / -i, --no-verify-ssl-certs
                                  Verify SSL certificates
  -w, --disable-warnings          Do not display warnings when not verifying
                                  SSL certificates
  -v, --vdc TEXT                  virtual datacenter
  -d, --session-id TEXT           session id
  -b, --use-browser-session       Use browser session
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.