Command Line Interface for
VMware vCloud Director




Adding extensions

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Usage: vcd gateway [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Manage edge gateways in vCloud Director.

          vcd gateway list
              Get list of edge gateways in current virtual datacenter.

          vcd gateway info name
              Display gateway details.

          vcd gateway create gateway1
                  --description test_gateway
                  --external-network external-net1
                  --external-network external-net2
                  --default-gateway external-net1
                  --gateway-config full
                  --configure-ip-setting external-net1
                  --sub-allocate-ip external-net1
                  --subnet --ip-range
                  --configure-rate-limit external-net1 100 200
                  --gateway-type NSXT_BACKED
              Create gateway.
                      --external-network is a required parameter and can have
                      multiple entries.
                     --gateway-config values can be compact/full/x-large/full4.
                     --gateway-type values can be

          vcd gateway delete gateway1
               Delete gateway by providing gateway name.

          vcd gateway enable-distributed-routing gateway1 --disable
              Enable/Disable Distributed routing for gateway.

          vcd gateway modify-form-factor gateway1 full4
              Possible value for gateway configuration are

          vcd gateway convert-to-advanced gateway1
               Convert gateway to advanced by providing gateway name

          vcd gateway redeploy gateway1
               Redeploys the gateway with given name

          vcd gateway sync-syslog-settings gateway1
               Synchronizes syslog settings of the gateway with given name

          vcd gateway set-syslog-server gateway1
               Set syslog server ip address of the gateway

          vcd gateway list-syslog-server gateway1
               List syslog server of the gateway with given name

          vcd gateway list-config-ip-settings gateway1
               Lists the config ip settings of the gateway with given name
          vcd gateway update gateway1 -n gateway2 --description description
              Update name, description and HA of gateway

          vcd gateway configure-ip-settings gateway1 --external-network
                  extNetwork --subnet-available True
               Edits the config ip settings of the gateway with given name
                   --subnet-available is a required parameter and can have
                   multiple entries

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  configure-default-gateway   configures the defaultgateway
  configure-external-network  configures external networks of an edge gateway
  configure-ip-settings       edit config ip settings.
  configure-rate-limits       configures rate limits of gateway
  convert-to-advanced         convert to advanced gateway
  create                      create edge gateway
  delete                      delete edge gateway
  enable-distributed-routing  enable distributed routing for gateway
  info                        show gateway information.
  list                        list edge gateways
  list-config-ip-settings     shows config ip settings.
  list-syslog-server          list tenant syslog server of the given gateway
  modify-form-factor          modify form factor for gateway
  redeploy                    redeploy the given gateway
  services                    manage gateway configure services
  set-syslog-server           set syslog server ip of the given gateway
  sub-allocate-ip             configures Sub allocate ip pools of gateway
  sync-syslog-settings        sync syslog settings of the given gateway
  update                      update name, description and HA of gateway.