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vcd-cli requires Python 3. See sections below for installation on major OS distributions. Examples use pip3 for installing Python 3 modules to ensure correct results in environments with mixed Python versions. Note that there are a couple of confusing exceptions related to installing pip itself. In these cases you must use the name pip.

Pre-release and source installations are covered at the end of the page, so keep reading to experience life on the bleeding edge.

If you find a bug in these procedures please file an issue or submit a pull request as described in


Ubuntu 16.04:

    $ sudo apt-get install python3-pip gcc -y
    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli

Note: If you encounter wheel errors ensure your pip3 version is up to date. pip3 install --upgrade pip usually fixes them. For other install errors try upgrading setuptools using pip install --upgrade setuptools.


    $ sudo yum update
    $ sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    $ sudo yum groupinstall -y development
    $ sudo yum -y install
    $ sudo yum -y install python36u python36u-pip python36u-devel
    $ sudo easy_install-3.6 pip
    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli

Photon OS

Photon OS minimal installs lack standard tools like pip3 and even ping, so you need to install a number of packages using tdnf. There are also differences between Photon 1 and 2 distributions, so setup differs.

Photon 1:

    $ tdnf install -y gcc glibc-devel glibc-lang binutils python3-devel linux-api-headers
    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli

Photon 2:

    $ tdnf install -y build-essential python3-setuptools python3-tools python3-pip python3-devel
    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli

Mac OS X

Open a Terminal and enter the commands listed below. Skip those that refer to a component already installed on your Mac.

Install Xcode Command Line Tools:

    $ xcode-select --install

Press Install and accept the license terms.

Install pip3:

    $ sudo easy_install pip

Install vcd-cli:

    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli

Note: Python installations on Mac OS X sometimes have problems with library compatibilities. Here are known issues and fixes.

Newer Python versions including 3.6.4 may experience path issues or SSL cert failures when running pip3. To get past them ensure your path points to the installed Python executables and not just the links in /usr/local/bin. Also, ensure that the pbr module is up to date. Here is an example. Your installation location may vary, so check to be sure.

    $ export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/bin:$PATH
    $ pip3 install --user pbr

Older Mac OS X Python3 versions link with an outdated OpenSSL library, which may lead to failures. If you get SSL errors on login, try adding the following libraries, then run pip3 again.

    $ pip3 install --user urllib3 pyopenssl

Windows 10

Start by installng Python 3 using the latest Windows installer available from and ensure that python.exe is in the path.

Install vcd-cli and add to the PATH (needed for local installs):

    C:\Users\Administrator>pip3 install --user vcd-cli
    C:\Users\Administrator>set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python36\Scripts

Administrator is just an example. Other accounts work as well.

Verify Installation

Display the version installed:

    $ vcd version

    vcd-cli, VMware vCloud Director Command Line Interface, 19.2.3

Installation with virtualenv

It is also possible to install vcd-cli in a virtualenv. Quick commands to do so:

    $ python3 -m venv $HOME/my_venv
    $ . $HOME/my_venv/bin/activate
    (my_venv) $ pip3 install vcd-cli

To terminate the virtual environment use the deactivate command. In this case we don’t use the –user option as venv supplies its own location for packages. Adding the –user option may cause odd installation behavior on some platforms.


To upgrade an existing vcd-cli install, run:

    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli --upgrade


The commands described above install the current stable version of vcd-cli. To install a pre-release version, enter:

    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli --pre

And to upgrade a pre-release:

    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli --pre --upgrade

Development and Specific Versions

Installation from the current development version in GitHub:

    $ pip3 install --user git+

Install specific Github or published versions:

    $ pip3 install --user git+
    $ pip3 install --user vcd-cli==20.0.0

Installation from Local Source Files

This is the standard installation for development. Clone the code and install from source.

    $ git clone
    $ cd vcd-cli
    $ python3 develop

The vcd command will automatically pick up current vcd-cli source files including any changes you have made. Use of virtualenv is recommended to avoid polluting your production Python installation.