Photon NFS Utilities for Mounting Remote File Systems

This document describes how to mount a remote file system on Photon OS by using nfs-utils, a commonly used package that contains tools to work with the Network File System protocol (NFS).

Check a Remote Server

showmount  -e nfs-servername or ip


showmount -e
showmount -e

Mount a Remote File System in Photon Full

The nfs-utils package is installed by default in the full version of Photon OS. Here is how to mount a directory through NFS on Photon OS:

mount -t nfs nfs-ServernameOrIp:/exportfolder /mnt/folder


mount -t nfs /mnt/filer
mount -t nfs /mnt/export

Mount a Remote File System in Photon Minimal

The nfs-utils package is not installed in the minimal version of Photon OS. You install it by running the following command:

tdnf install nfs-utils

For more information on installing packages with the tdnf command, see the Photon OS Administration Guide.

Once nfs-utils is installed, you can mount a file system by running the following commands, replacing the placeholders with the path of the directory that you want to mount:

mount nfs
mount -t nfs nfs-ServernameOrIp:/exportfolder /mnt/folder
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