pmd-nextgen Overview

The pmd-nextgen package contains the photon-mgmtd tool. photon-mgmtd is a high-performing, open-source, lightweight, pluggable REST API gateway designed with stateless architecture. photon-mgmtd is written in Go and built with performance in mind. It facilitates real-time configuration, performance analysis, and health monitoring of systems, networks, services, and applications.

photon-mgmtd is optimized to provide the following benefits:

  • The proactive monitoring and analytics features help the administrator to efficiently collect analytical data for performance and health management of systems.
  • For remote access, you can use the platform-independent REST APIs via any application on any Operating system. For example, you can use applications such as Curl/Chrome/Postman on any operating system such as Linux/iOS/Android/Windows and so on.
  • Minimal data transfer using JSON.
  • Plugin based architecture for easier operation.

Last modified November 8, 2023: Update (3799256)