Configure Wireless Networking

You can configure wireless networking in Photon OS. Connect to an open network or a WPA2 protected network using wpa_cli and configure systemd-networkd to assign an IP address to the network.

Connect Using wpa_cli

When you connect using wpa_cli, you can scan for available networks and associate the network with a network ID.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the wpa_supplicant service is running on the WLAN interface:

    systemctl status wpa_supplicant@<wlan-interface>.service

  2. Connect to wpa_cli:

    wpa_cli -i wlan0

  3. Scan for available networks:


  4. To see the list of networks, use the following command:


  5. Add the network:


    This command returns a network ID.

  6. Associate the network with the network ID.

    set_network <network ID> ssid “<ssid-name>”

  7. For a WPA2 network, set the passphrase:

    set_network <network ID> psk “<passphrase>”

  8. Enable the network:

    enable_network <network ID>

  9. Save the configuration file:


    To exit the wpa_cli, type ‘quit`.

Assign IP Address To Network

Configure systemd-networkd to assign IP address to network. Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a /etc/systemd/network/ file with the following contents:

  2. Restart systemd-networkd using:

    systemctl restart systemd-networkd

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