Configure the Kubernetes services on Node

Perform the following steps to configure the kubelet on the node:

  1. Edit /etc/kubernetes/kubelet to appear like this:

    # Kubernetes kubelet (node) config
    # The address for the info server to serve on (set to or "" for all interfaces)
    # You may leave this blank to use the actual hostname
    # location of the api-server
    # Add your own
  2. Make sure that the api-server end-point located in /etc/kubernetes/kubeconfig, targets the api-server in the master node and does not fall into the loopback interface:

    apiVersion: v1
    - cluster:
        server: <ip_master_node>:8080
  3. Start the appropriate services on the node (photon-node):

    for SERVICES in kube-proxy kubelet docker; do 
        systemctl restart $SERVICES
        systemctl enable $SERVICES
        systemctl status $SERVICES 
  4. Check to make sure that the cluster can now see the photon-node on photon-master and that its status changes to Ready.

    kubectl get nodes
    NAME                LABELS              STATUS
    photon-node          name=photon-node-label     Ready

    If the node status is NotReady, verify that the firewall rules are permissive for Kubernetes.

    • Deletion of nodes: To delete photon-node from your Kubernetes cluster, one should run the following on photon-master (please do not do it, it is just for information):
    kubectl delete -f ./node.json


You should have a functional cluster. You can now launch a test pod. For an introduction to working with Kubernetes, see Kubernetes documentation.

Last modified November 8, 2023: Update (3799256)