Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are disabled by default.

To verify this, run the status command.

root@photon-7c2d910d79e9 [ ~ ]# rpm-ostree status 
State: idle
● ostree://photon:photon/4.0/x86_64/minimal
   Version: 4.0_minimal (2021-02-20T07:15:43Z)
Commit: 965c1abeb048e1a8ff77e9cd34ffccc5e3356176cda3332b4ff0e7a6c66b661f

Enable Automatic Updates

  1. Run the following command:
$ systemctl restart rpm-ostreed
  1. To enable automatic background updates, edit the /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf, and include the below lines in the Daemon section:

  2. Run the following commands:

    $ systemctl reload rpm-ostreed
    $ systemctl enable rpm-ostree-automatic.timer --now  
    $ systemctl restart rpm-ostree-automatic
  3. Verify that the automatic update feature has been enabled:

    $ rpm-ostree status -v 
          State: idle
          AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: last run 16min ago
  4. On the server machine, perform another commit on the base tree.

Automatic updates are now enabled and will automatically update the host system.

Last modified November 8, 2023: Update (3799256)