Install Packages from CLI

You can install the packages from the command line. The package can be a file or a URL. The dependencies are installed automatically.

For example:

  • Using a URL:

      tdnf install
      open-vm-tools-11.2.5-1.ph4.x86_64.rpm 763014   100%
      attrx86_642.4.48-1.ph4  photon  88.65k 90778
      nss x86_643.57-2.ph4photon  1.69M 1768005
      open-vm-tools   x86_6411.2.5-1.ph4  @cmdline2.65M 2779392
      Total installed size:  91.57M 96019175
      nss-libsx86_643.57-2.ph4photon  2.48M 2601790
      util-linux-libs x86_642.36-2.ph4photon752.75k 770816
      pcre-libs   x86_648.44-2.ph4photon275.60k 282216
      Total installed size:   3.49M 3654822
      Is this ok [y/N]: 
  • Using a file:

      tdnf install ../lsof-4.91-1.ph4.x86_64.rpm 
      libtirpcx86_641.2.6-1.ph4   photon193.56k 198209
      lsofx86_644.91-1.ph4@cmdline  196.10k 200810
      Total installed size: 389.67k 399019
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