Packer Examples for Photon OS

Packer is an open source tool that enables you to create identical machine images for multiple platforms.

VMware maintains a GitHub project that includes examples for creating Photon OS machine images using Packer.

Vagrant Boxes


This project provides examples to automate the creation of Photon OS machine images as Vagrant boxes using Packer and the Packer Plugins for VMware (vmware-iso) and Virtualbox (virtualbox).

The Vagrant boxes included in the project can be run on the following providers:

  • VMware Fusion (vmware_desktop)
  • VMware Workstation Pro (vmware_desktop)
  • VirtualBox (virtualbox)

This project is also used to generate the offical vmware/photon Vagrant boxes.

All examples are authored in the HashiCorp Configuration Language (“HCL2”).

Last modified November 29, 2021: Update Packer Examples (437084de0)