Photon OS 4.0 Now Available

The Photon OS team is proud to announce the release of Photon OS 4.0!

Photon 4.0 Release Announcement

Photon OS team is pleased to announce the release of Photon 4.0 months after the Beta release in November 2020. The release can be downloaded from the Downloads page in the pre-packaged binary formats including bootable ISO, pre-installed minimal OVA customized for a VMware hypervisor environment, Amazon AMI image, Google GCE image, Azure VHD, as well as a Raspberry Pi Image that has been pre-packed and tested on ARM64 architecture. 

Check out our What’s New document here

Highlights of the Release 4.0

  • Kernel upgrade to the latest 5.10
  • Photon Real Time Kernel for Powering the Telco vRAN Applications
  • Security capabilities like SELinux, Security Encrypted Virtualization- Encrypted status and support for Intel® Software Guard Extensions.

The release also includes improvements to Photon OS Core components and performance improvements to the container runtime environment of vSphere with Tanzu, including faster launch times for containers and applications.

A huge shout out to the Photon OS Team

Like many projects this past year, most of the major work to deliver Photon OS 4.0 was done during the course of the pandemic. A big thank you and kudos to the Photon OS team for their passion, commitment and sheer resilience they demonstrated. Amidst it all they ensured that the release was delivered on time! It truly takes an entire community, and the team should feel proud of this release.

Contribute to Photon OS

The Photon OS project team welcomes contributions from the community. Your comments, suggestions and bug reports would really help us to improve the future releases of Photon OS. You can find the resources in the following link to start contributing –

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