New guides added to website

November 23, 2020

We’ve been busy getting ready for the upcoming V1.1 release. For this release we’ve dramatically changed our documentation on this website.

There is now a new high level Herald applications set of pages. These detail scenarios that Herald can be used in beyond contact tracing. This includes interaction with Bluetooth fixed beacons, and using Herald as a gateway protocol for Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh networks.

We’ve also converted both the Implementation guide and the Design guide in to HTML from PDF and added to this website. These will help application developers quickly get access to source code, write their own apps using Herald, and understand how Herald is designed for reliable consumer Bluetooth.

We’ve also generated a CocoaPod for Herald for iOS. Please evaluate it and give us feedback.

Adoption continues to increase. We hope to be in a position to announce adopters publicly in the coming days.

We’re also working on some exciting extensions of Herald in to new areas. More on that in the V1.1 and V1.2 upcoming releases!

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Raw RSSI data released
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