v0.1.21 Dispatch Release

Download v0.1.21

  • [Issue #518] Single-binary, local version of Dispatch Server: This release includes a single-binary dispatch-server. You can run this server locally on your desktop without a need to provision Kubernetes - the only requirement is Docker. This should cover use cases like local development, proofs of concept, or a small deployment for personal needs. To use it, simply download the dispatch-server binary for your platform, and run dispatch-server local.

    Note: The local version supports all commands/resources except:

    • event drivers
    • services

Add Org to bulk create CLI

You can now create multiple Organizations in bulk using the create command. You can specify your orgs in a yaml file like this:

kind: Organization
name: VMware
kind: Organization
name: Pivotal
kind: Organization
name: Acme Inc.

Then you can create these orgs using the following command, assuming your named your file orgs.yaml

$ dispatch create -f orgs.yaml

Ingress class option

You can now target different ingress controllers in your deployments. In your values.yaml file you can specify the class like this:

  debug: true
    tag: v0.1.21
    host: vmware
    class: nginx

This is useful for clusters with multiple ingress controllers. This class is the same kubernetes.io/ingress.class and can take any value that annotation can.