CSE UI plugin for VCD


Along with CSE 2.6.0, we are releasing CSE UI plugin for VCD. Using this plugin, CSE users would be able to interact with CSE Kubernetes clusters directly from VCD UI.

Getting the plugin

The v1.0.1 plugin binary can be downloaded from here.

Setting up the plugin

Registering and publishing the plugin

Method 1: Via CSE server cli

To register the plugin, run

cse ui-plugin register [path to plugin zip file] -c [path to CSE config file] -s

To unregister the plugin, first we need to figure out the ID of the plugin. List all installed plugins, and get ID of the CSE UI Plugin, by running

cse ui-plugin list -c [path to CSE config file] -s

Run the following command to remove the plugin from VCD.

cse ui-plugin deregister [ID] -c [path to CSE config file] -s

Method 2: Via VCD UI portal

To register the plugin, upload container-ui-plugin.zip to VCD through Customize Portal option in the navigation menu of VCD Service Provider view. Then follow the standard steps of publishing an UI plugin. After registration, refresh the page. There should be a Kubernetes Container Clusters option in the navigation menu.

To unregister the plugin, select the plugin in Customize Portal and click on DELETE button.

Access Control

Tenant users themselves do not have the authority to register/unregister the plugin. They can only use the plugin once access to it has been granted by Service Provider. Service Provider has the authority to enable or disable and manage access control to the UI Plugin.

Enable/Disable plugin

From Customize Portal, choose the plugin to be enabled/disabled, then click on ENABLE or DISABLE button. Once the plugin has been disabled and the page has been refreshed, the plugin should be inaccessible from both provider and tenant view.

Access control for tenants

From Customize Portal, choose the plugin, click on PUBLISH button. Then in the wizard, customize the scope to publish. To remove plugin access from certain tenants, just un-select them from the scope and then publish.


Landing Page

After selecting Kubernetes Container Clusters option in the navigation menu, users can access the landing page. Landing page displays a list of Kubernetes container clusters created from Container Service Extension (CSE) and their basic information.

Provider View

For Service Provider, it shows all the clusters from all organizations from current vCloud Director.

Tenant View

For Tenants, it shows clusters created in current organization.

All columns can be sorted and filtered. Upon clicking on the cluster name, users can view the details page of the corresponding cluster.

Cluster Creation

Users can also create new Kubernetes clusters by clicking on the Add link on the top left. Clicking on this link will open up the Create New Cluster wizard.

Cluster Deletion Selecting a cluster on the landing page, displays an option to delete it on top left.

Details Page

Upon clicking on a container cluster, it takes you to it’s details page. Details page shows more specific information based on the Kubernetes provider (either native or Enterprise PKS) of the cluster, which provides following functionalities: