0.12.0-rc.2 Changelog

This build introduces breaking change. Please read below.

Breaking Changes

1 Change


2 Bug Fixes


June 7, 2018


  • Input and form control validation components

    Angular input form control, which has built in validation support for template-driven or reactive forms. This is the first of the upcoming Angular form controls. Documentation is pending for 0.12.

  • Shape deprecations in Clarity Icons

    Clarity Icons v0.12 has deprecated some icons in their respective sets and moved to other sets:

    • wand has been moved to "essential-shapes" from "media-shapes"
    • angle-double has been moved to "core-shapes" from "essential-shapes"
    • calendar and event have been moved to "core-shapes" from "social-shapes"
    • bar-chart and line-chart have been moved to "chart-shapes" from "technology-shapes"

Bug Fixes

  • Updated paths for theme SCSS files so developers can again use custom themes. Apps must now add --include-path=node_modules to their SCSS build step to correctly build a custom theme. See Themes documentation for more details. (#2336)
  • Fixed an issue where the Date Picker Output was not emitted when the user modified the Date Input manually.(#2334)