Command Line Interface for
VMware vCloud Director




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Usage: vcd info [OPTIONS] [resource-type] [resource-id]

  Display details of a resource in vCloud Director.

          The info command displays details of a resource with the provided type
          and id. Resource type is not case sensitive. When invoked without a
          resource type, list the available types. Admin resources are only
          allowed when the user is the system administrator.
          vcd info task ffb96443-d7f3-4200-825d-0f297388ebc0
              Get details of task by id.
          vcd info vapp c48a4e1a-7bd9-4177-9c67-4c330016b99f
              Get details of vApp by id.
          vcd catalog info my-catalog my-item
              Get details of an item listed in the previous command.
          vcd info catalogitem f653b137-0d14-4ea9-8f14-dcd2b7914110
              Get details of the catalog item based on the 'id' listed in the
              previous command.
          vcd info vapptemplate 53b83b27-1f2b-488e-9020-a27aee8cb640
              Get details of the vApp tepmlate based on the 'template-id' listed
              in the previous command.
      See Also
          Several 'vcd' commands provide the id of a resource, including the
          'vcd search' command.

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.