vSphere Docker Volume Service - Introduction

vSphere Docker Volume Service enables you to run stateful containerized applications on top of VMware vSphere.

It is designed to meet the needs of Enterprise IT and application developers and offers the following benefits:

  • Provide proven persistent shared storage: You can now use any VMware supported enterprise class storage backed by vSAN, VMFS, NFS, etc.
  • Enable Multitenancy, Security and Access Control: vSphere Admins can effortlessly set access permissions for shared storage across hosts, datastores and VMs from a single location
  • Operational Consistency and Simplicity: Zero Configuration, zero credential management. It as easy to deploy and manage
  • Self-service Operations: Use docker APIs to manage volume lifecycle while maintaining admin control over consumption

This service is integrated with Docker Volume Plugin framework. It does not need credential management or configuration management.


On going work and feature requests are tracked using GitHub Issues. Please feel free to file issues or email containers@vmware.com

Documentation Version

The documentation here is for the latest release. The current master documentation can be found in markdown format in the documentation folder. For older releases, browse to releases select the release, click on the tag for the release and browse the docs folder.